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What is It’s Not Just You?

I write inspiring and often funny columns about how we connect to something larger than ourselves. My Sunday newsletter includes a personal essay or social commentary. Often it’s a bit of both, like this. You could consider this your weekly reminder that whatever’s happening, it’s not just you.

Readers describe It’s Not Just You using words like: wry, quirky, beautiful, hope-inducing, witty, and honest. Links to previous editions and more from current subscribers below. And I swear they’re not ALL my friends This newsletter was born at TIME magazine where I was a columnist and executive editor. And now I’ll be coming to you from here at Substack. (You’ll find links to previous editions below.)

Why should I subscribe?

All subscribers get the Sunday essay—see examples below.

And if you become a paying subscriber, you’ll also be invited to discussion threads with me and your fellow readers, and my weekly delights roundup of books, poems, songs, photography, art, or social posts that inspire awe or are just smart advice. And most importantly, you’ll be part of an extraordinary clan of thousands of kind and brilliant people (like you) all over the world from Tasmania to India, Canada, and the U.S. (For the next month all subscribers will have access to all features.)

Can I see some of your writing before I sign up?

You can read my essays and reported pieces on TIME.com, Washington Post, and Sports Illustrated. Herewith, some of my favorites: on loving someone who battles inner demons, an interview with writer Anne Lamott about staving off cynicism, the benefits of being imperfect and unfinished, the emotional blowback to Adele’s 100 lb. weight loss, Simone Biles and why we all get the twisties, on Justine Bateman’s book about why women don’t need to ‘fix” their aging faces, the Mars Rover and the science of awe, when the earth tilts toward hope about the winter solstice, our post-pandemic bucket list, when my oldest child came out, why rage is contagious, a reported yarn in which I go to the Moroccan Sahara for an all-female motor race across the Sahara, and my afternoon with Stormy Daniels.

What do your readers say about the newsletter?

“This is so beautiful. What a gentle note to read in the morning” —Sonali

“Quirky, entertaining, relevant, diverse and always relatable.” —Carole

“You did it again.  You spoke from the heart and touched mine.” —Dave

  I’m absolutely loving following your road trip - you write so eloquently & the photos are gorgeous.” —Ella all the way from freezing Tasmania

“Our shoulders are sore from tensing for so long waiting for “normal” to arrive like a summer that’s always six months away”. Beautiful text by @SusannaSchrobs —Leila

“I love this newsletter so much! Everyone needs to sign up now.” —hhalepis

“Please know that [It’s Not Just You] has brought me joy in so many ways.” —Tom

“Wry, witty, reassuring.” —TIME reader survey

“The humor,  the easy-going tone that Susanna presents with is always so welcome.   I feel like I'm just having a chat with her,” —TIME reader survey

“Wow. Just plain WOW; I am blown away by this beautiful edition. You grabbed my soul and gave it life again. Thank you.” —Susan

I must know more about you!

Before starting It’s Not Just You, I was a writer and executive editor at TIME magazine, Newsweek, and NBC Universal. At TIME, I edited all kinds of stories, videos and interactives from the 2017 Person of the Year: “The Silence Breakers” about the women who started the #MeToo movement, to a cover on Mattel’s attempt to save itself by redesigning Barbie.

I live in Brooklyn with my two sassy children and Small Dog who became our Chief Operating Officer during the pandemic. Ages ago, I was stationed in TIME magazine’s Paris and Brussels bureaus covering sex trafficking, gymnastics, and French youth culture, and I’m writing a memoir about that. And I spend way too much time thinking about how to get back to Paris.

Send questions to: susanna.notjustyou@gmail.com, post in the comments. And come see me on Instagram:  @SusannaSchrobs. See you soon, Susanna

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On leaving Brooklyn for Paris with a few suitcases and a dog.


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